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Report a Repair

Please check if your situation is an emergency before making an out of hours call. Trades services will often not be able to fix an issue when the suppliers for parts are closed, but will instead make the property safe and then return during the week to make the repair.

Please note that only emergencies should be called in directly out of hours. Any small repairs should be reported via email or telephone during office hours.


Smell of gas - CALL 0800 111 999 straight away.

Water leaking from property- Call plumber below - if water is leaking in to property from another property then try to make contact that properties owner asap. If no answer then try to contact your local council for emergency notice (extreme cases).

Contacts in Emergency

Emergency contacts should only be used out of office hours. Emergency contractors will only visit if there is an immediate risk to your safety or the condition of the property. Issues that can wait until regular working hours without further damage occuring or safety issues should be reported via email. False emergency call outs may result in a charge to you.

Repairs to appliances or heating systems do not count as emergencies as suppliers are closed over evenings and weekends, and therefore a repair cannot be carried out until parts can be purchased from suppliers.

In emergency situations please contact us on 07743050024 or 07827924221, if you cannot get us then please use the following contacts:

Gas heating (check that the pressure is ok on boiler, around 1.5 bar normally and try to reset using normal controls in first instance)

Aurora: 07760 623 630
IGC Gas: 07912 757 899

Drains and plumbing

Dave Love: 07413134394
IGC Gas: 07912 757 899


MLM Electrical - 07980688303
Mark Farquason- 07817270023


Mark McCruden - 07568 406 176  Please note if you are at fault for a lock out you will be responsible for the charge

General handyman

Alan Fisher- 07761476307

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We offer a flat management service with no set up fee involved, we offer a savings guarantee meaning we will not be beaten on value. Details of Cornerstone Lettings costs can be downloaded here:

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